About Wuffy Media Player

Dear user,

welcome to Wuffy Media Player, the next generation media player! It will allow you to watch your favorite IPTV live streams and local media on your mobile device. It will turn your smartphone into a fully functional player for your audio and video content in minutes.

Why to use Wuffy Media Player?

First of all it’s very easy to use. The interface is light and convenient, player runs smoothly and it will use full the potential of your mobile device. To play live streams Internet connection is required, and it is best for you to have WiFi connection. But 3G/4G from your cellular operator will work also, just make sure that you have the proper plan for cellular data. Doing so will keep you away from being surprised with too big cellular data bill:-)

Features of Wuffy Player:

  • It will play almost all known media file formats and network streaming protocols
  • It supports .m3u playlist files, which can be local or downloadable from Internet
  • Upon start player will scan your device for media files and will offer you a list
  • While watching if you rotate your device video will rotate and resize automatically
  • You can zoom and stretch video, it is possible to use even the soft buttons area (for devices that use soft buttons)
  • Manual screen lock function, which will prevent video from rotating if you accidentally rotate your device
  • There are implemented controls for brightness, volume and seek
  • Wuffy Player supports wide list of subtitle file formats as well as multi-track subtitles and audio
  • It will utilize all CPU cores of your device for smoother video playback
  • Where is applicable player will use hardware – accelerated video decoding from your device. You can switch on or off this from settings menu.

There are more useful functions under development, so stay tuned for next releases. To get the best from IPTV Wuffy Media Player please see the Setting menu, where all user – adjustable options are located.

To ensure proper work of Wuffy Player we need to have access to following device permissions:

  • WAKE_LOCK – this one is needed to prevent device from sleeping while you watch video
  • INTERNET – we use this to ensure that you can open streams from your local network or from Internet
  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE – this is to check is there 3G connection available
  • ACCESS_WIFI_STATE – this is to check is WiFi connection available
  • READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – we use this to ensure that we can scan for and play local media files


Linking of Wuffy Player software to any of the third party links or platforms does not constitute any of the its endorsement or sponsorships.Wuffy Player is not liable for any misuse of its softwares by the third parties. For more details Click Here for END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT.

Legal notices:

This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here.