acestream engine

Download AceStream Engine 3.1.2 RC4 APK for Android.


Mobile networks data access

This option allow you to access streams even if you use mobile network connection like LTE/4G/3G e.t.c, recommend to leave it unchecked to save traffic overhead.

AceStream settings for streaming:

VOD/Live buffer

These options control how much of a buffer you want, in seconds. VOD buffer is I think not used for anything at this time, so we can leave it how it is.

Live buffer

Live buffer is an important setting as it determines how much time (in seconds) we want to use for our streaming buffer. The streaming buffer downloads segments to disk and then plays our stream from disk. If we have a poor connection and run out of buffer, the stream will pause to buffer. Here, mine is set to 30 seconds, so I will be 30 seconds behind the live broadcast. If you continue to experience problems, you can try increasing the live buffer, or if you have a very good connection, you can decrease the buffer to be closer to the live broadcast.

VOD buffer, s : 10
Live buffer, s : 30

Download and upload limits

Let’s skip the disk cache limit option for a second, and take a look at our download and upload limits.

these limits don’t actually do anything. Set them both to 0.

Download limit (Kb/s) (0 = no limit) : 0
Upload limit (Kb/s) (0 = no limit) : 0

Disk cache

The two settings above and below the download and upload limit settings allow us to control the AceStream disk cache. The disk cache is where AceStream will store the live buffer when we are watching a stream.

Advanced options

With the settings below of 50 connections per stream and 500 connections in total, we can obviously watch up to 4 streams at once at 50 connections each. I wouldn’t actually recommend this unless you’re on a very good connection, as there is obviously overhead in keeping all of those connections open to other peers.
The default setting of connections per stream is however a bit low, so try this around 50, to allow you to connect to more peers.
It’s worth noting that connecting to more peers doesn’t necessarily mean we will get a faster download speed if the extra peers we connect to do not upload at a decent rate.

Total max connects : 500
Max connects per stream : 50